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Author of "The Empathy Imperative" by Max T. Furr more

Curiosity and Reason are the wings of an ascending mind.

Was Descartes wrong and God was a deceiver, after all? If we believe our sense of morality is god-sanctioned and right, then did the god of the Old Testament play by a different set of ethical rules, or was he amoral?

What would the world look like if humans were driven by empathy rather than self interest? What would it take, either through theology or humanism, to make it so?

In the narrative, humanist M. Jefferson Hale, Professor of Evolutionary Biology and Philosophy, is targeted in a nationwide purge of liberal educators as politicians, driven by signs of the biblical apocalypse, scramble to pass laws that might prove to God that they are worthy of salvation.

Yet the best laid plans of gods and men prove not to be as Professor Hale becomes the appointed prosecutor of God in an ethereal courtroom. Who appointed him and why? What are the charges? Who was in the jury and what was their verdict?

Born and raised in Wilmington, NC, Max graduated from New Hanover High School and studied philosophy, anthropology, and world religions at Virginia Commonwealth University.

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